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  • I have 4.03 cracked, 4.6 cracked and 4.7 installer. 4.7 can run with the crack of 4.6. For both of them, problem to fonts may appear. Personally I use 4.03 version which is perfect cracked, save the file and make any modifications in a newer version. Give me some time to upload the files and post the links, else search for my posts in or
    hi fingerbowl.. sorry before...not mean to disturb you...
    i just wanna ask for your help...did you already had founder superline 4.7 crakced version...?, or maybe 4.6 version..or do you know where i can find fully 4.6 version..i've already had a cracked exe of 4.6 version...but i don't have a full program from that..or can't find it again...because all the link from SECURESOFT thread is already dead..

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